Friday, 9 October 2015

Hi all !! Welcome to Get That Amazing Body !!

Dear Friends,

I am so excited for you, and let me tell you why?

First of all welcome to my brand new blog on Fitness, well let me make one thing clear at the very beginning, I am not a certified fitness expert, all the views I am sharing on this blog are my personal experiences, and you should consult a certified expert or medical practitioner before you try out anything that is shared on this blog.

So lest move on, let me tell you why I am starting this blog. First and fore most I am a fitness junkie, I love to try out different exercise regimens, diet plans, new and better ways of doing exercises and much much more. And the reason I am trying out all these new things is because I am continuously searching for something which will give me quick results which stay!!

Also I am searching for something which will save me on time and money, both of which are in limited supply in today's age. 

So I was searching for something which wont take up a lot of my time and will be easy on my pocket, and I believe I have found just the same in the form of a vast fitness field with a lot of promise and potential, Calisthenics, in simple words using your body weight to do exercises.

Now don't get fooled by the fact that we wont be using any weights, these exercises are very effective and if done properly with a sound diet plan will yield quick and lasing results. I am talking of my personal experience with them.

Now apart from being totally free they are also less time consuming. Figure this one out, I do these exercise for just 15-20 minutes daily and reaping huge benefits. I know at this moment you will be needing a proof of that and it will surely come, very soon!!  

There are some good dieting techniques which helps you simplify your food intake and helps you keep on track without the mental stress generally associated with traditional dieting techniques.

And last but not the least is the mental aspect of getting fit, following the exercise regimen, the diet plan and not losing out on the initial enthusiasm and energy after first few months of your fitness plan,or may be first few weeks or even first few days for some.

So I am promising you a sustainable, effective and quick results fitness program, to help you get back in shape, I think that's not such a bad deal. This program can be used by students, working professionals, housewives and by almost everybody who wish to make a difference in their health and raise their fitness levels.

So I am leaving you here with a promise that soon, very soon I will start by sharing this program with you one step at a time, which will help you get that amazing body!!